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December 30, 2003
Livejournal Band Wagon

We decided to crash the party that is livjournal, and get one ourselves.
My Party Now
Now here's the lyrics I will leave this time upon abandonment.

The Pillows "Subhuman"
I must be leaving now
Because maybe
I'm full of likes and dislikes
The noise on the street is unbearable
But maybe
I have got nowhere to go

So I wanna be a bat
And I want to touch the sun
I will try to force a smile

I cannot stand this heat
Please tell me
Where I am right now

I woke up at midnight again
Oh baby
I did not now what to do next
I can't see
But I can feel, all the time
Oh baby
I have got nothing to lose

Just I wanna be a bat
And I want the shining star
I will try to force a cry

I cannot stand this heat
Please tell me
Where I am right now

December 25, 2003

Must Fight Crazed Otaku In Me

So my family opened presents last night, and to say the least I was very happy. I got clothes, books, a watch, and DVDs
--------Warning: The next piece is the opitome of geek. Terminology may be very, well geeky.--------
His and Her Circumstances is BEYOND adorable. Highly addictive, I must get the last 2 DVDs.
Reaction to first DVD-XDDDD, >_< Reaction to second DVD->_<, T-T, XDDD
Erhem,I lost the battle and the otaku is free. If this template magically changes to an H+H one, I wouldn't be surprised, infact I would be surprised if I didn't change it to something Anime.

December 20, 2003


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December 18, 2003
Can't be Alone

Nostligia was so bad, I cried again last night. Most kids have a happy life, but after the bus incident it brought back so many horrible memories, I thought they were gone, but...I just can't bring myself to think about them yet.
I realize the more I have to think the more my thoughts drift to the past, rendering me...depressed. So if I surround myself with people, I won't have time to think, and that's a good thing. But since X-mas break is only a day away, I'll be by myself most of the weeks. Thus giving me more time to think.
I swear I was Hilter in my past life, that's how bad my karma is.

December 17, 2003
Fuck the bus, I'll walk.

Today, not a good day. It started out good, it almost ended good too, except for my bus ride.
Twenty-two year old, ugly, dumb red-neck asked me out, yeah, do I need to continue?
So, this means that I will not ride the bus, ever. No way in hell.

December 13, 2003
Welcome Back Creative Muse

HA! I feared that I was going to continue to be in my creative slump forever. But, alas, I am not, after working on my art project, and making my perfect literary essay. I still have the small part of my creative mind working. *lights history essay on fire* You will plague me no more!!!
Random Thought of the Day:I need to stop talking about my literary essay.

December 12, 2003
Hey there.

So I found out a new discovery, cry infront of a teacher about a project=extentions in the project. I wrote up my Literary Essay last night. I love it, I thought after writing that history paper destroyed my creative muse. But alas, it is still there, it was just when the pressure was on for the history essay, temporary vacation I suppose.
I'm starting back into old habits, becoming more shy, Darwin's theory of the universe applies to me now, when I was younger I was extremely shy, and now it is rearing it's ugly head back into my personality, I think it could just be the season, and I becoming more nostalgic, so I decide to watch rather than talk.
A few weeks ago, Marcelle questioned my motives for things in life, I answered to the best of my abilities, and slowly began to realize that's not true, that I hide things inside. It is more of a thing that I don't talk about my past much because it has nothing to do with now. And the more that I do think of the past, the more I realize that it really does have nothing to do with things. All that it is, is that I have a darker side to my family, as does everyone, and I don't share it with many or some at all because of the fact that it does depress me, as it would anyone. And I do keep some secrets, because everyone has a part of them they choose not to share. No one has everything out in the open.

Random Thought of the Day:Tarot cards don't work like Animal Cards.

December 8, 2003
music is good

Rot Hot Chili Peppers-Fortune Faded
TV Themes-70's Batman
The Darkness-I believe in a thing called love
Filter-Take A Picture
Hans Zimmer-Vide Cor Meum
Requiem for A Dream Theme

December 5, 2003
House of Insomniacs

No one sleeps aroung here. Seriously, I just finished eating Cheerios and watching soome dude rock out on violin. And it's what? 1:12 A.M. The adult of the house as oddly vanished, my older brother is watching T.V. and my little brother is playing video game. I don't plan to go to bed soon, and I'm not going to make an effort to try.
Fanlistings are fucking awesome. Seriously, I'm fckign addicted, right now I'm looking for a Batman one. You heard me, I said Batman, I don't care if I sound geeky. Why? Because I am Hickish Red-neck Minnesotan Geek! So fuck you!
Wow that didn't make any sense. Ok, so I'm screwed when it comes time to turn in stuff. Like, I have 2 book reports, art project, history paper, tech project, core project, extra math, late stuff for lit., and stuff for who'd we bomb. And about zero time to do it.
I'm dying my hair on Wesnesday. Yup, it's going to be a dark red. Christ I'm gonna end this here. Uh...bye.


December 4, 2003
Requiem for A Dream

That was the best movie. The ending was spectacular. It's just like, wow. It is so hard to put into words. The drugs, and the old lady, and my god it is just to awesome to put into words.

Marion-Harry, I love you. You make me feel like a real person, like me and I'm beautiful.
Harry-You are beautiful. You're the most beautiful woman in the world. You're my dream.

December 4, 2003
Does it matter?

Do you honestly think that we pester you to get something? We pester because we like talking to you and analyzing what you say, but if you're going to be a prick about them, then there isn't a damn point!
Doesn't matter if we do want something? Hm? Would we be trespassers if it we true?
God, your an ego-maniac.
Random Thought of the Day:Pizzas suck.

December 2, 2003

Ok, the silence treatment?

Holy shit, I'm sorry if we said what we said, we were rude, Marcelle. If you are going to be pisseed at us, be pissed, but please get angry at something that has meaning, I mean for fuck sake. If we wanted you to be at the party and were upset that you weren't coming so hang us. But if this is how you're going to deal with this? The silent treatment? A little juvinille eh?
I did nothing other than say that you were rude, which it was to say you will be there and then not come, but that would be a matter of courtesy. If I knew would you get this upset and knew more of your weekend and that you needed a day to yourself, than I would have never have called you rude.
*offers proverbaially olive branch*
I am sorry.
Random Thought of the Day:I think I need a cup of coffee.

December 1, 2003

Post Party Yeah-ness

Holy shit that party was nothing but insanity. 6 teenage girls in a room, with the only rules. No booze, no smoking, and no boys,and if we asked to do any of this it could be arranged. From swimming,to prank calls, to truth or dare, to talking to the pizza guy about my problems, to going to the arcade, to movies, to talking, to running around at three a.m., it was just pure insane fun.
In other recent stuff: My mom is going to Germany tomorrow to fill out some paperwork, and this leaves me, the only other female in the house, with my brothers and my mom's boyfriend. This also means, coming straight home from school, no surprise mall trips, no anything that hasn't been cleared before she leaves.
Random Thought of the Day:Three hours of sleep doesn't mean you can't have McDonalds for breakfast.

November 26, 2003
Brief Intro

This is not my first page. Oh no, this would be the product of a failed obsession. My other page is gone. All that is left is a tag board and some lyrics. Now this will be my vague general page. No need to worry if a certain someone will find this. I will not make mistakes of mentioning names other than friends.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, curse my mom's need to feel like an American. We will be eating turkey and all that goodness. But at least I get a five day weekend.
Random Thought of the Day: Is Amber mad at me?


November 25, 2003

Ok this should work!