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The Truth

People all over the world are having intelligent conversations about controversial and important topics.
Right now, someone is talking to a friend of theirs and are just now discovering something that you and your friends
discovered long ago. How can we as the human race expect to make progress in any particular area if we
are forcing each other to rediscover breakthroughs that were made already.

This website is designed to be the resounding answer to this problem. Abortion, slavery, space exploration,
quantum theory, political ideals, and more will now be at your fingertips. Learn, and share. Together, we can start the longest
and fastest intellectual revolution that mankind has ever seen.

The Deal:

Anyone can contribute information about any topic. This isn't about me looking for fame or trying to express my views, this is about the persuit of truth for the sake of our race. The only hand that I will take in this is to filter out material that quite obviously is not related to this website. So if any of you would like to contribute, send an email to (with the subject line "SET ME FREE"). Just make sure you state the topic and your point very clearly. Also, bear with me, because I am building a much less primitive system for this site which will hopefully be up soon.