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Sail Away



Afternoon Sailing

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STRESS: We hear about it all the time, we see it all around us, and we experience it in our lives daily. But what IS stress, really? Can we get rid of it? Or do we just have to learn to deal with it?

This site, designed by a health care professional, is intended as a workshop for stress, to first develop understanding of stress and its effects, and second, to develop tools for coping with stress. The material is presented in an entertaining and enjoyable manner, but is sincere in intent to help you deal with our hectic modern life.

The pages are designed as a series of lessons, to be taken one at a time, and at your own pace. Take each page in sequence, and use the “Exercises” pages (no, not sit-ups!) for journaling, to help develop insights into your own stress levels and coping patterns. Print out the exercises, and use additional paper to get the maximum benefit from this course. Hopefully, going through this workshop will help you develop the stress management techniques that you need, but if further help is needed, please consult with a mental health professional. Some actual WORK is required, and (uh-oh) self discipline- to get the full benefit of these lessons, please do the journaling required- it's worth it!

Come back to these pages and review, go over the pages that you have journaled, practice what you have learned, and you too will SAIL AWAY FROM STRESS!



Key Concepts of Stress Management

Types of Stressors

The Effects of Stress on the Body

The Effects of Stress on the Mind

How Do We Cope With Stress?

Stress Release Techniques

A Good Night’s Sleep

Problem Solving Exercise For Stress

Seeking Support For Stress

Coping Thoughts For Stress

Coping Thoughts Exercise For Stress

How To Stop Obsessive Worry

Learn More About Stress Management


"Life is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poor hand well. "

Robert Louis Stevenson


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This is a non-profit educational website. Please help keep it alive by checking out the informative books and videos and maybe some decorative posters that I have recommended here on these pages. That will certainly help me with some of MY stress!

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