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Inspired by a photo
I shudder to think this, but I am compelled to.
Her presence does nothing less but humble me.
If eyes are the windows to the soul, a diva makes you question your own.
I ask myself who is she, Why did our paths cross.
I ask what were the circumstances and the time that was lost.
I am not wise enough to solve that enigma.
I just overcame my own dragons and dilemmas.
To answer that question who she is, I must a look through the lens of my "spiritual" eyes.
Questions still left unanswered shouldn't be a surprise.
She is mystic and an enigma divinely designed to be unsolved.
What do my "eyes" see??
She is an empress of steel and yet does not know it.

She is a princess of kindness and grace, because she often shows it.
Long-suffering and sassy, pious and classy.
I stand again humbled.
No man chooses her to be HIS companion, the honor is the man's, not his right.
Stop...Wait... A Word of Knowledge for her...
She is headed into a torrential storm that she is
perceptive enough to see.
I see it too.
Her current storms are designed to distract, detach, and renew at the same time. The "enemy" uses ev-ry feeble and vain mind.
She will be pushed to her mental limits even more than before.
Til' her mind becomes a blur, fatigued from that war. She'll win as a more stronger vessel, more fit for a higher calling.
For fear will seek to be her companion, and me even more so to her to fight that fear.
Lord, let me serve her, you know that is all I want.
Nothing more.
My life hanged in the balance many times, I am a
battle scarred warlord for Your Kingdom who has
fought hard in grease and grime.
I do not stand on surface appearance, just character and temperance. I can be her beacon of light to Your care as I look to her for the same.
Edification is my motivation.
My light will never outshine hers in the eyes of others...Again I stay humbled, and honored to know her.