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Feeling of Community
Personality Development
Stages of Adlerian Psychotherapy
Stages of Adlerian Psychotherapy
Stage 1- Empathy-Relationship
The goal is to help the client cooperate in therapy and with others.
Stage 2- Information
The goal is to gather information, the problem and history, life task(work, community
and love) functioning and any other relevant information.
Stage 3- Clarification
The goal is to clarify the client's core beliefs about self, others and life.
Stage 4 - Encouragement
The therapist helps the client recognize courage within themselves, and exploring small
progressive action steps.
Stage 5 - Interpretation and Recognition
The therapist helps the client recognize their behaviors and misthoughts, idenifying
their goals and what is gained and lost in the pursuit.
Stage 6 - Knowing
The client now interprets situations, sharing their insights with the therapist.
Stage 7 -Missing Experience
The client may have negative past experiences or no experiences that impact their
current negative feelings. Roleplaying, group sessions, guided imagery or family
sessions may be effective.
Stage 8 -Doing Differently
The client tries new behaviors with varying success, keeping their eye on the final goal.
Stage 9 - Reinforcement
Clients learn to let go of themselves and focus on others, on tasks and the needs of
situations. New positive actions are encouraged and supported.
Stage 10 - Community Feeling
The client should connect with other people, cooperating and contributing to other's
Stage 11 - Goal-redirection
As the client begins to let go of self protecting, self profiting and personal superiority
goals, new goals must take their place. The therapist can help them see that they can
use new, more liberating and inspiring guides for their lives.
Stage 12 - Support and Launching
Feeling equal to others and eager to develop fully, the client can become an
encourager for others. The client may need a self-selected challenge to stimulate the
devleopment of their best self.