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Relationships, Romance




Sea Spell

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 Welcome to Relationships, Romance, and Reality,a series of articles on a variety of topics concerning relationships in the real world. Our goal is to help you improve  your relationship and make it more meaningful and satisfactory. This takes practice and hard work, like learning any new skill. Some of the suggestions here are common sense; other suggestions may seem radical in nature. Use this information if it applies to your life circumstances and seems helpful. 

The following articles are for informational purposes only and do not constitute therapy. If you need professional counseling help, please get it.


Articles by Malcolm Leal,  Psy.D:


Decision to Choose Partner For Marriage Is Yours Alone


Inability to Connect May Be Related to Pain From the Past


Discuss Expectations of Relationship Beforehand


Feeling Blue After Having A Baby May Be Part Of the Package


"Who Are You?" Test


"Who Are You" Answers


What's the Cure for Most Romantic Troubles?"



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