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Hmm... Lookey Dookey

Vital Stats

Well... Who wants to know a little about myself? Everyone wants to know at least a little, only 'cause we know that the human race is indicatively curious about how the world works. Especially, when there's new people surrounding them

If at all, I say, figure me out for all I care. I'm usually the type that is laid back and a little more easy going. I really am a sensitive kind of a guy that simply listens to all the madness (aka, I'm a good listener for all you who want someone to at least talk to). I have a confession to make, which is, computers are addicting. If not at school or even out somewhere, I'm usually online as we speak. Call it boredom if will, the internet is an endeavouring device that has endless purposes. And no, you sick dorks that are thinking wierd crap right now, I don't go into those "explicit" type of sites if that's what you're intending.

Anyways, this hompage is supposed to at least reflect a little on my behalf (or at least I'm led to believe that inclination)... But, if in all madness you're interested in either chatting or even admiring my site, then that's really wierd. This site stuff is simply a mere chance that someone might actually be looking at something I made online.

So all you people, live out that life to the fullest. I know I'm surely trying my best to go and get 'em...