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*>>pSyCoHoL's Non-Wrestling Homepage!<<*

Yo all you assholes! I just happened to get in the mood to make a new homepage, totally different from my Backyard Wrestling one... I felt like ya know... lettin' you all know what the GREATEST Movies Ever Made were! It may be my opinion... but fact is, my Opinion is Gospel! You WILL like what I like, or you are a complete douche and loser!

And most likely I will add more sections... favorite cartoons, favorite video games, favorite music, personal opinions, and lots of stuff to give all of you out there evidence enough to call me a Dork, Geek, or Nerd, or whatever you like to call my kind of people... whatever! This virginboy don't give a shit! Because I KNOW that all the things I like are the BEST, and all the crap many of you like are most likely the WORST! You cannot coax me to think anything different! I know in my mind that I am right!

So be prepared to be amazed at the twisted bbut truly awesome mind of Psycohol! If you do not view or comprehend what I put on this page as AWESOMENESS, then you shouldn't even be here... you should go back and live in your MTV... go back and live in the Now... no, I do not live in the Yesterday, I live in the FOREVER... as one good friend put it... the stuff I like will be forever, the stuff most everyone else likes is the latest fad, the trend, the Now... if there happens to be something good from the Now, great... but for me, Memories make great movies and music, etc. not new digital effects that look like crap anyways, and not manufactured garbage music... but anyways, I will start with my favorite movies of all-time, so check it out! There will be lots, it ain't no small list!


10. Big Fish
9. X-Men 2
8. Pirates of the Carribean
7. Peter Pan
6. Terminator 3
5. Last Samurai
4. Open Range
3. Willard
2. Kill Bill: Vol. 1
1. Return of the King!