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Philippines is a country that is rich in some of the most dynamic, intense, and effective forms of health treatments that have been practiced for many centuries.  Psychic surgery, however, has gained more attention more than any other healing practices in the country.  

Psychic surgery is a specialized healing modality performed by faith healers using bare hands  to extract a tumor, body tissue, a blood clot, or any unwanted obstruction from inside the body.  This is done while the patient is conscious and is considered to be painless even without the use of  anesthesia.   It usually leaves no scar but sometimes may cause minimal scarring. 

Another form of psychic surgery uses cutting instrument to penetrate into the skin.  This is  performed in South America but not in the Philippines where bare hand operation is more common.  

Psychic surgery is a direct application of the major phenomenon of mediumship wherein the healer acts as a medium, or a channel, for spiritual and magnetic energies to flow through himself and into the patient.  The healer manipulates magnetic energy to be able to penetrate the body, both the spiritual and physical body.

Psychic surgeons are under constant scrutiny because people often could not believe their own eyes when observing such phenomena.  Psychic surgery clearly defies the laws of medical science as they are currently understood.   Despite the negative publicity and criticisms about this practice, many patients continue to report remarkable recoveries at the hands of the psychic surgeons in the Philippines. 

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How psychic surgery began?

What are the different kinds of psychic surgery?

The primitive forms of psychic surgery?

Psychic surgeons and Espiritistas?

How do you compensate the healer?

The controversy about psychic surgery

The Beginning

Mr.Licauco, a Filipino paranormal researcher has written several books about psychic surgery. According to him, the first psychic surgeon to emerge is a healer named Eleuterio Terte from the Union of Espiritistas (a spiritist organization), in the late 1940's. As the story is told, while Terte was performing magnetic healing on a patient, suddenly his patient's body started opening up.  Allegedly, he was able to remove gallstones and infected tissue with only his bare hands.  From that time on, he has continued this work known today as psychic surgery.  According to Terte's son, Terte started out as a magnetic healer in 1925, after two angelic children appeared when he was seriously ill. From then on, he accepted the gift of healing.

Based on my research, Terte is  the first recorded psychic surgeon but not necessarily the first one in the Philippines.  There were others who have been practicing psychic surgery long before Terte existed.  However, the technique wherein the surgery was done was  slightly different as compared to Terte's style. 

Another ancient form of psychic surgery is the bloodless operation wherein the healer could remove certain body tissue or blood clot from the patient's body without blood.  Some consider this as plain materialization  but nevertheless, whether materialization or not, this is still a psychic surgery.  Surgery that involves drawing of blood is still what made psychic surgery very popular.

Type of Psychic Surgery


Bloody no pain; used to remove a blood clot, body tissue, or toxic elements  in the body; with instrument or with bare hands; no anesthesia
Bloodless no pain;used to remove blood clot,tissue or toxic elements in the body, no anesthesia. Favored by those who are nervous or afraid.  Same effect as bloody operation. Also called SPIRITUAL OPERATION.
With Bare hands Can be bloody or bloodless operation. No instrument is used to cut the skin; Painless.
With instrumentation with the use of blade or knife to cut open the skin to perform either bloody or bloodless operation; painless

"LAHID & TANDOK"- primitive forms of psychic surgery

Lahid healing technique removes or extracts foreign bodies or particles embedded in the flesh or bloodstream allegedly caused by black magic, spells or the machinations of evil forces.  Also according to occult tradition, it is a counter-power strength mechanism which dissolves or dismantles evil works that inflict diseases on victims.   Using a white linen pouch containing ground herbs is massaged on the affected area of the patientís body for several minutes, ranging from 20 to 40 minutes. Items extracted from the body are usually solid objects such as bones of fish, broken glass, stones or insects.  Lahid is still practiced today in  some remote provinces in the Philippines.

Tandock or Tandok is a healing technique practiced in the Southern part of the Philippines, in the island of Mino in Mindanao.  It involves cutting an incision on the patient's affected area, then a type of scope is attached where blood is supposed to drain out. 

Psychic surgery, as we know it today, involves cutting the skin and extracting objects and/or draws out blood from the patient.  It has evolved from the more primitive psychic surgical techniques: the Lahid and Tandok.

Who are the Espiritistas?

Espiritista is a term of Spanish-Filipino origin. It refers to persons who have the ability to channel the spiritual energy of, or be possessed by, the Holy Spirit for positive healing goals.

Almost all of healers who can perform psychic surgery are Espiritistas but not all Espiritistas are psychic surgeons.  Every Espiritista has a destiny.  Some of them become magnetic healers (similar to pranic healers); others become expert on exorcising evil spirits on possessed persons and they may also drive away bad spirits or negative energy from a house or a building.  Others become prophets and some turn out to become evangelists and priests.  Nevertheless, only few of them are gifted by the Holy Spirit to become psychic surgeons.

Early known psychic surgeons belong the organization called the Union of Espiritistas of the Philippines whose purpose is to train gifted healers and to gather its congregation in rituals of union with the Holy Spirit.  However, many psychic surgeons have mushroomed from different spiritual organizations alike.  Even foreigners who are not Espiritistas have eventually become psychic surgeons after involvement in many spiritual sessions.

Magnetic Healing- a very effective Philippine healing technique

Magnetic healing is a method by which an individual of reputed high spiritual sensibilities may be able to consciously induce trance states to skillfully manipulate the subtle vital force of electro vital force of electromagnetism.  The technique requires both the power of concentration of the healer in his own union with this energy and the ability to focus it on another person, in order to make substantial changes on the physical plane. 

Magnetic healing obtains same effect as psychic surgery but runs through a different process.  Magnetic energy melts the condition. If there is cancer, magnetic healing will melt this. Effective  psychic surgery cannot be done without the use of magnetic energy.  But magnetic healing can be done even without doing psychic surgery on the patient.  That is the difference.  A bloodless psychic operation uses more magnetic energy and therefore is practiced only by the advanced and more experience healers.

Compensation for the Practitioners

Practitioners are compensated through reasonable donations from their patients especially if they are less fortunate.  For regular patients who come to Philippines or invite healers for healing, the healer may specify the amount depending on the patient's condition.   Most healers, aside from the compensation or donation they get, also receive special gifts or tokens of appreciation from the patients.  Some healers I know have received expensive watches and jewelries, international travel package, chocolates, perfumes and special souvenirs from the thankful patients who have already recovered from their illnesses.

The Psychic Surgery Controversy

Many websites have been created to discredit psychic surgery.  Certain names of healers have been dragged to trickery issues that caused some of them to face legal actions filed against them by complainants.  It must be understood that complainants are not necessarily the patients of these healers.  It is interesting to note that those who filed the complaints are fellow healers, healing organizers or managers, interpreters and some media.

It is so obvious why fellow healers will do this:  because they want the market for themselves.  One that appeared on TV that demonstrated fake surgery is in fact a healer himself who tricked everyone to believe that he is the only legitimate healer around.  This, in my opinion, is very unfair, unjust, inhuman, and very wrong!  A good healer must devote himself in the concentration of his profession to improve his knowledge and skills. 

Healing organizers who have complained  are actually businessmen who invited healers to their country, made agreement with the healers and promise to give them a portion of whatever can be collected.  An old psychic surgeon I know has been a victim of Japanese group who invited him to Japan.  There was disagreement in the division of collection because the Japanese wanted more. At the end of the healing mission, the Japanese complained to authorities about the healer as being fake.  Therefore, the healer, not knowing what to do was forced to leave the country without any money in his pocket.  This is a trick done by organizers who invite different healers but with negative intentions of fattening up their pockets and victimizing the healer in the end.

Another healer I know, a nephew of a very famous psychic surgeon in the 70's, was also victimized by Russian organizers who promise to compensate the healer for a one month healing mission.   The healer received a certain portion of the money from the organizer but just before he left the airport, the healer noticed something different in the behavior of the organizer.   The instincts of the healer was right because just as he was about to leave Russia, some supposedly police authorities searched into the healer's belongings and confiscated the money earned from the one-month work. Police was said to be kind enough and left a few hundreds for food and taxi for transportation.   This is just one of the cases of complaints in Russia.

Another one involved a very famous healer who is in low profile nowadays due to the scandal.  It involved certain police authorities who noticed influx of patients to a clinic in Moscow.  The police demanded $1000 from the healer, which is very common in Russia by the way.  As expected the healer refused to give $1000 which prompted the police to threaten the healer.  This resulted to a very major disagreement and bitter feelings.  It did not take long before this police several other officers to visit the clinic and took him to jail.  This has been a sensational news worldwide and destroyed not only the healer's reputation but also the other healers as well.  The healer was set up by the police, using another officials colleague to act as patient.  After several months in jail, the healer finally agreed to give them what the police wanted but this time, it's much bigger amount due to the number of high officials who wanted money.  The healer who is also a successful businessman in the Philippines, sold his multi-million dollar property to finally clear his name and pay the corrupt police.  In fact, this healer was supported in Russia by the patients themselves  whom he has helped.  The corrupt officials obviously did not care about the people the healer can help.  They just  cared about how much money they can get from the healers.

Some media abroad and also in the Philippines also do this set up scheme when they can't get any money from the healers.  Pity on the healers, they are the victims of the corrupt.  Some media tie up with magicians who would demonstrate how surgery is done  but of course using trickery since they are not real healers.  They expose something that is not done by the healers and yet blame the healers for something they are NOT guilty about.

Not all healers who claim to be psychic surgeons are in fact psychic surgeons.  Some only pretend to be.  A real psychic surgeon must receive the gift of healing; it is not a skill that is learned in training centers but rather passed down to the healer by the Holy Spirit.  Healers who lack  psychic abilities and spiritual enlightenment eventually resort to trickery.  Indeed, they can fool some patients but eventually they are caught.  These bad healers however do not represent the Psychic Healing in the Philippines in general.  They are just a few of those we call opportunists.   That should NOT be enough reason for people to decide that all psychic surgeons are fake.   Some are fake indeed that's why you have to be cautious in choosing your healer.  It is not easy to become a psychic surgeon, believe me.  For those who want to become healers and are becoming impatient in receiving the gift, please don't resort to trickery. 

Choose your healer wisely.  Look for experience, good standing, reputation & result of work.  


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