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While you are here check out: Free Psychic Tarot and Astrology Chat Readings ,Free Psychic Podcast,Free Horoscopes,Free Tarot With Nicole,Free Sacred Garden Psychic,Free Instant psychic and tarot games and more. Live Advisors Online 24/7! Check my Free Reading Schedule for times and dates of totallyFree psychic chat readings!

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"Thank you Nanci PsychicEarth for that incredible, emotional, and lovely reading last night...felt good and i was very shocked at what my ex-bro in law was telling you...everything was true what you told me about his moms house...i shared the story with his sister (very emotional) and will also share with his mom. :')"read more

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There are FREE readings going on only IF you see them scheduled on free psychic chatfree psychic chatfree psychic chatfree psychic chatFREE Reading calendar otherwise it is just open chat

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We give free psychic readings, free astrology readings and free tarot readings in my Chatroom and each make our own Schedule! If you see we have scheduled free chat readings just come into my free chatroom during scheduled times and it is as easy as that! Join me on facebook for special announcements & reminders of even more free chat reading times! There are lots of free activities on Psychic Earth! Stay awhile and check them out! Thanks for being here :)

.We are available for private paid readings, also, when someone desires a longer more in depth session

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Hey Nicole! I am writing for free tarot reading or love advice. I thought my relationship was over and now that I finially met a new guy my ex is back in the picture! help?

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Dear Sacred Garden Psychic, My name is Annabelle. I am looking for psychic guidance regarding a move....





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Our phone is 123-456-7890 disclaimer privacy policy internet safety sitemap

Calls regarding free readings cannot be returned as I receive many! Free readings are offered in my chatroom

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