Reflections in the Mirror


An All Too Well Known Pain


Bottled Up

Do Not Cry

Do You Know Me

Missing You



Sweet Bird

The Mirror


What Am I

Without You


Forbidden Pleasures

Without You

I miss you,
More now than ever.
I stare intently into the
Glittering eyes of a frozen image,
Wishing so desperately
That the image was real.
My chilled body aches
To be touched by your satin skin,
To feel the softness of your hand
Brushing gently across my face.
I yearn to be held in your arms,
And press myself close enough
To hear your beating heart.
Without your warmth to fill my soul
The world has become barren and icy.
Although I am surrounded
By loving friends,
My heart feels empty and alone.
I seek comfort in the open arms
Of my loved ones,
But platonic love cannot
Soothe my desire for you,
And my agony grows more intense
Every moment you are away.
I want you near me.
I need you near me.
I miss you so much!
You know I will wait
An eternity for you,
But in desperation I beg you
Make eternity come quick.