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An All Too Well Known Pain


Bottled Up

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Missing You



Sweet Bird

The Mirror


What Am I

Without You


Forbidden Pleasures

Sweet Bird

Sweet bird, why must you cry so?
Though the harsh world has pressed
Many burdens upon your fragile soul,
And cruel words of those who
Should be trusted most
Cut deeply into your tender heart,
Do not take notice of these insidious
Attempts to keep you grounded.

Spread open your glorious wings.
Allow the imprudent world to see
Such exquisite beauty of which
I undoubtedly know you possess.
Rise up from the malicious earth,
And attain that which you so desire.
For you deserve much more than
Your modest heart will tell you.

All that you dream of should be yours.
You must only strive to reach out,
And grasp it in your gentle hand.
Fly high above the wretchedness
That devours your consummate being,
And drains it of all life and fervor.

Oh, if only I could prove to you
How absolutely wonderful,
And beautiful you truly are.
I wish I could make you see
What I see when I look at you.
Maybe then the stinging words
Of those who do not love you
Would not wound you so.
Ignore those that hold no
Love for you in their hearts,
They are insignificant and hollow.

For you need not pay mind to the
Loveless when you are surrounded
By those that love you sincerely.
You are so very dear to my heart,
And I know I am not the only one
Who cares deeply for you.

So when the callous words
Become too agonizing to bear,
Please remember those who would
Gladly bear the pain with you.