Reflections in the Mirror

Most Gruesome Death


An All Too Well Known Pain


Bottled Up

Do Not Cry

Do You Know Me

Missing You



Sweet Bird

The Mirror


What Am I

Without You


Forbidden Pleasures

Most Gruesome Death

I tie your hands and feet tightly to the posts of a bed with coarse rope, so that it burns when you writhe... then let you lie in your own filth and vomit, though being oh so careful to see that you are well fed. After months of this and the bed sores are unbearable, I begin to work on your most tender of parts... starting by exposing them to scorching hot pokers... but only so that the first layer of skin is singed, then dragging a rusty, gagged knife across your body and tending the wounds with salt, and finally drizzling them with honey and pouring fire ants all over, allowing the thousands of stinging insects to leave their whelps upon your flesh. And if your body endures such torture, I will then commence tearing open the skin just below your belly... slowly with a dull blade... and once I rip past the layers of skin, muscle, and through the throbbing nerves... I will begin pulling out your intestines... as the blood flows over your dirt-ridden body. I will eviscerate you ever so leisurely, draw ing out every pain-filled second, until all of your lower organs feel the cold air... Then I will leave you with your mouth ungagged, so that you might scream until your voice is no longer of use... and there I will let you lie until either loss of blood or infection overcomes you... and your last labored breath escapes past your dry, cracked lips... and you die.