Reflections in the Mirror


An All Too Well Known Pain


Bottled Up

Do Not Cry

Do You Know Me

Missing You



Sweet Bird

The Mirror


What Am I

Without You


Forbidden Pleasures

Missing You

Itís night again,
And I am alone once more.
The cold winter air has
Encompassed me within its icy blanket,
Sending chills across my freezing body.
How I wish you were here
To warm my shivering skin,
And heat my soul with your love.
I would wrap myself in your gentle arms
And press my body against yours,
Letting the sweet smell of vanilla
Consume your senses like a drug,
And together we would remain
Throughout the frozen night.

But alas, you are not here,
And I miss you terribly.
I miss you every second I cannot
Brush my hand across your tender cheek,
Or gaze into your gorgeous eyes.
I love you so incredibly much.
I love you more than I ever thought possible.
And though you do not believe in perfection,
You are the closest to perfect as I have ever seen.
You are everything I ever dreamed of in a love (and more).
My love for you grows stronger each passing day.
My only fear is that I cannot be as close
To perfection as you most certainly are.
I just want to make you as happy
As you have made me,
And I never want to lose you.