Reflections in the Mirror


An All Too Well Known Pain


Bottled Up

Do Not Cry

Do You Know Me

Missing You



Sweet Bird

The Mirror


What Am I

Without You


Forbidden Pleasures

Do You Know Me

Do you know me?
I fear you do not.
Though you once did,
Once you felt the
Great warmth of my love,
Enveloping you like
A delicate velvet blanket.
Wrapped in a place of
Innocence and joy,
Protecting you from the
World of pain and sorrow.
I would shower you with
Tender angel kisses,
Pure and sweet.
I would take your hand in mine,
And draw you nearer
So that you would not slip away.
But alas, I failed to keep you.
You have ripped through my velvet sanctuary,
And the memory of my adoration
Has been swept from your thoughts.
If you truly wish to find me once more
There is but one way.
Far back in the forgotten
Caverns of your mind,
This is where you shall find
The secret love you seek.
I am waiting there,
All you must do is remember me.