There is a pain in my heart
That I know not how to alleviate,
Though I am certain from whence it came
For it grows stronger each time you are near.
It is the unbearable anguish you cause
As you pull farther and farther from me,
Tearing away from my wounded heart,
And ripping my tender flesh in your struggle.

Although you have yet to even realize it,
You have hurt me deeply.
Can you not see the pain in my eyes
While you gaze directly into them?
Inside my bodily shell I am crying.
My entire being aches to be noticed.
I loved you; I honestly and truly loved you.
I loved you as dearly as I love my best of friends,
Because whether you realized it or not,
That is what you were to me.

Only a few short months ago,
You were close enough to my heart
That I opened up to you and revealed
My weakest and most vulnerable of emotions.
I thought you were my friend,
That you cared about me,

But now when I look at you
You seem to be gazing through me.
Have I become so nonexistent in your eyes?
Although the pain seeps deeper into my soul,
I know that I love you still,
And will continue to hold a place for you
Eternally in my heart.