Christmas Wish

For Christmas I wish to hold you in my arms,
And envelop you in my world of adoration.
So that you will never again feel
The wretched pain of a broken heart.
I would make you feel as beautiful as you are,
And worship you every moment of the day.
I would buy you all your heart desires,
Even if it cost me a lifetime to pay.
I would cook you dinner and serve it by candlelight.
I would comfort you when you are sad,
And warm your hands when they are cold.
I would massage you from head to toe
Rubbing out every inch of tension,
Simply because I cannot resist
Touching your tender milky white skin.
And when you have drifted off into
The world of dreams,
I would lie contently by your side,
Drawing you close so that you will feel
The eternal warmth of my love.
This is what I wish; this is all that I wish.
Even if it were only one single night,
I would sacrifice my immortal soul
If it would bring you a momentís happiness.