If Only I Were a Ghost

If only I were a ghost. Such merriment I would feel. No worldly troubles to plague my soul. I would fly freely through the night’s sky, becoming one with the wind. Laughter of young babes would fill the air as I gently tickled their tummies. I would dance joyously in the busy streets while a terrible storm rampaged. So happy would I be if only my soul were to escape this body. Only when I stumbled upon a dearly loved one would a darkness consume my mood. I would look upon them struggling in vain to succeed in their dismal lives. But what wonders could be revealed; simply to end this life could open a world of such extreme bliss. To graze the flowers so that their delicate petals tremble ever so softly. To watch civilizations flourish and fall as you continue in this eternal paradise. These are the joys that await all souls. Thriving without the burdens of mortality to torture you. Come into this existence and join me in the journey that is death. Share with me the glorious experiences of all this world truly has to offer. Oh, the intense love I would know, if only I were a ghost.