Erotic Fantasy

Restrained in chains
My heart races.
Dim lights mask
Your features,
Though I still know
Who you are.

You encroach upon me,
As glorious melodies
Vibrate through my body.
Soft fingertips gently
Remove my clothing.
My naked body shivers
With anticipation.

Extreme cold numbs my skin,
While melted wax burns
Away the chill,
As it covers my chest
Flowing over my breasts,
And trickling down my sides.

Fervently you attack,
Biting and scratching
With intense lust.
Erotic passion sweeps
Over me like an ocean wave.

The joyous pain is dissolved
By the soft tingle
Of a wet tongue.
I writhe in ecstasy,
As a pool of sweetness
Covers my bodice
And is immediately devoured.

Soft lips press against mine.
I open my mouth
And receive the
Gesture hungrily.
You continue this ritual
Into the late hours.
Sucking on my neck,
And groping my breasts.

Wondering hands
Travel south,
Massaging my arousal
To its peak.
A cry of sheer elation
Utters past my lips,
As an orgasmic currant
Surges through my body.

Eventually you cease
Your passionate attack,
And release my chains.
Feeling dazed and fulfilled,
I leave my chambers
To return to reality,
Eagerly awaiting
Another night
Of this erotic pleasure.