The Rapist

Squeeze your neck so you canít breathe.
Tie you down so you canít leave.
Tape your mouth so you canít scream.
Blind your eyes so you canít see.

Do you fear me now?
I am the beast that hurts you so.
Do you fear me now?
I will never let you go.

Cut your wrists so you will bleed.
Upon your brow the sweat will bead.
Rip your clothes so you are bare.
Drag my fingers through your hair.

Do you fear me now?
I will make you scream and cry.
Do you fear me now?
If you run youíre sure to die.

Throw you down so you will weep.
Your pure soul is what Iíll reap.
Kill the fire inside of you.
Disgraceful sin is what Iíll do.

Do you fear me now?
When I am gone who will you tell?
Do you fear me now?
Iím your demon straight from hell.

Leave you on the ground to rot.
Donít forget what I have taught.
Return to your reality,
But without your sanity.

I feel I must explain the motivation for writing such disturbing and violent words as in the previous poem. I seldom get ideas about such wretched topics; however there is a reason I wrote this poem. While I was scanning the newspaper, I stumbled upon an article concerning gang violence. As I read on, I was mortified to learn of a particular incident involving two young girls who were invited to a party a gang happened to be throwing. At the party, the girls were casually drawn apart so they would not realize what was happening. When the party ended, one girl discovered to her horror that the other had been beaten and viciously raped while her friend was enjoying herself. The more I read, the more disgusted I became. All the graphic descriptions of this caused my revulsion to peak. I simply had to express the way I felt. However, I assumed the role of the rapist, instead of the victim. I imagined what such a despicable creature might think. What hideous things would linger in its warped and vile brain? By writing in this manner, I could better show how monstrous and terrible these people truly are.