Terrors From Within

Gleaming eyes hidden behind disheveled masks
Stare directly into my tortured soul
Their wretched gaze tearing at my sanity
I writhe in agony as I try to escape their unbearable view
I turn around only to find those cold, heartless eyes
Looking back at me through their sadistic shells
My fear rising while they continue to watch my anguish
Their awry stillness disturbing my frantic thoughts
A thick band of sweat forms upon my brow
As my heart beats increasingly faster
I can feel a tight knot rising in my throat
While I attempt to hold back the tears
of overwhelming fright
A cry of excruciating despair emits from my lips
For now I realize my horrid fate
All that has become of my destiny is to remain here
In this world infested with uncompassionate monsters
And look upon their hideous features
Alone and scared for all eternity
Lost within a sea of hollow masks.