The Butterfly

Delicate wings glistening
Under the bright sun,
Such beautiful patterns they form;
Concealing your soft, dark body.

Fly High gorgeous one.
Mingle with the airy clouds,
And glide in the sweet breeze.
Join your sisters and fill the sky
With ravishing color.
Commence you dances of love.
Soar with the consummate angles
And feel the wind against
Your antennae.

Frolic in the treetops little one.
Lay your precious eggs under
The safety of the emerald leaves.
Fear not the treacherous rain;
The enormous branches
Will protect you.
Sleep on the rough bark
With all your cousins.

Play amongst the flowers tender one.
Devour the savory nectar,
And cover yourself with
Yellow pollen.
Spread life as you gleefully dance.
Surround yourself with the delectable
Aroma of lavender and tulip.

Fly fast dearest one.
Take in all the beauty of this earth.
Be free to witness the simple pleasures of nature.
Do not squander the infinitesimal
Time you are given;
For the sands of your hourglass
Are running thin,
And your moment on earth
Will soon be spent.

Only from the first ray of dawn
To the last light of dusk may you live.
Such a terribly short time do you have,
Donít take life for granted and throw
Your hopes and dreams into the wind.
Fly high gorgeous one, fly high.