Silent Misery

Sorrow overwhelms my soul,
As salty tears run down my cheeks.
Itís been so long since I have cried,
I almost forgot how tiring it is.
But you donít know that Iím crying,
You canít see my wet red face.
Do you even really care?

You said you care,
And I want to believe it,
But the truth of the matter is
That you care only because
You know no better.
Your heart is too innocent,
Untouched by the deep pain
Of being shattered.

Oh, sweet caged bird,
Sheltered from the glorious
Outer world by my shroud of love.
If only you were to take a peek
At the wonderment I have kept you from,
You would truly know my wretched soul,
And fly away from this unworthy cage.
And I would not try to stop you.
Too long have I hidden you from the world.

If your heart desires to be free of my grasp,
Then I shall loosen my hand
As you slip past my fingers.
But I cannot stop the rivers that
Descend from my eyes when you go.
For my soul shall be eternally crushed,
And will no longer have the will
To persist in a world without you.
And so it will dwindle into nothingness.
For that is what I truly am,