A Promise and a Threat

My body shivers with anticipation
As this wave of lust washes over me.
Ah, fierce is the desire that burns deeply in my soul.
A vivid image of your seductive eyes
Is eternally embedded into my thoughts.
My heart melts when I gaze upon such radiance,
The way they sparkle with boyish glee
Tantalizes my passion to the utmost
How I hunger to draw you to me,
To tenderly caress your soft skin,
To feel the touch of your sweet lips.
I cannot rid myself of this desire,
And each moment I am near you
My hunger increases with ferocious intensity.
My will power is in a constant state of threat.
Soon I will no longer be able to contain my emotions.
I must have you!
Only you can quench this infinite thirst
That consumes my entire being.
I longfully wait for you to fill me.
But my lust is growing uncontainable,
It won’t be long now before I take you,
Willing or not.