Friends of the Pooka

(Left) Janna and Tim. (Right) Jennifer and Dewayne.

Sarah, my oldest friend.

Renee, Lyssa, and Me after a night of partying.

(Left) Me and Renee being sexy. (Right) I thought this was a very cute picture of Renee.

(Left) Sarah belly dancing. (Right) Ultima at prom. She hates this picture, but I think she's making a cute face.

(Left) Sarah looking pissed, but sexy. (Right) Me and Lyssa at a club.

(Left) Sarah being cute. (Right) Ulti at prom again (these are the only pics I have of her).

Kat and I in the bathroom at a club... Wonder what all went on in there?

Renee and Lyssa in the same bathroom... guess everyone was having fun in that bathroom!