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This site is designed as a gallery for my crappy icons and crappier MS Paint comics. Nothing more. Don't complain about the simplicity, 'cause it ain't changin'.

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim in any way to have artistic talent.

Flame my sorry ass

The Icons

The Comics:

Episode One (Dark Tower)
Episode Two (Dark Tower)
Episode Three (Dark Tower)
Episode Four (Silent Hill)
Episode Five (Silent Hill)
Episode Six (Silent Hill)
Episode Seven (Silent Hill)
Episode Seven 1/4 (Silent Hill)
Episode Eight (Dark Tower, idea by Holly and Megan)
Episode 8.005 (Dark Tower)
More filler
Episode Nine (Kill Bill, idea by Megan)
Filler the Third
Friggin' filler
Episode Ten (Final Fantasy VII/Fanfiction)
Episode Eleven (90% True Stories)

Other things:
A Series of Unfortunate Lemmings