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At Park Avenue Center we offer multiple clinical training opportunities:

  • Pre-doctoral internship for PsyD and PhD candidates

  • Master's level practicum for counseling and psychology students working towards LMFT, LPCC, or

    doctoral level licensure.

  • Addiction internship for students working towards LADC licensure

  • Dual internship for students working towards both LADC and mental health licensure (LMFT or LPCC)

You will gain understanding and experience working with clients who suffer from addiction and co-occurring disorders, while feeling the support of your peers and guidance of experienced clinicians. We are proud of our internship programs and hope you will consider interviewing with us.

Joshua Weiler, PsyD, LP
Treatment and Training Director

Birgitte Eppel, LADC
Addiction Internship Program Supervisor

Ben Meyers, MA, LPCC
Mental Health Team Supervisor

Training Opportunities:

  • Pre-doctoral Internship

  • Mental Health Practicum

    • Our fully integrated Co-occurring Disorders Program helps clients to address their mental health and

      addiction issues simultaneously, and gives students an opportunity to gain insight into the myriad

      challenges of successful substance abuse treatment.

    • The Mental Health Team is an absolutely integral component of our Co-occurring Disorders Program.

      Master’s level practicum students, advanced practicum students, and pre-doctoral interns are exposed

      to an extremely wide array of clinical situations while having the support and guidance of

      experienced professionals.

    • Our Mental Health Practicum and Pre-Doctoral Internships include:

      • Mental health screenings

      • Treatment planning

      • Individual therapy

      • Co-facilitation of substance abuse groups with a licensed addiction counselor

      • Facilitation of psycho-educational skills groups

      • Clinical staffing of cases with an interdisciplinary treatment team

      • Individual supervision

      • In addition, students may have the opportunity to observe our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

        Program, Hennepin County Drug Court, DWI Court, and Mental Health Court.

    • As a Mental Health Team member, your feedback and opinions are valued, and you are considered

      an extremely important part of the treatment process.

  • Substance Abuse Internship

    • For students nearing completion of their educational requirements for their addiction studies program,

      Park Avenue Center offers a broad experience in all 12 Core Functions.

    • Interns will work with our:

      • Co-occurring Disorders Programs

      • Intensive Outpatient Programs that provide free offsite housing

      • Primary Outpatient Programs

      • Problem Solving Courts including Drug and DWI Court Programs

      • Substance Abuse Assessments

      • Our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program

    • Our diverse programming, culturally diverse clientele and staff, and overwhelming support provide a

      unique experience and an outstanding substance abuse internship.

    • Our goal is to offer interns a holistic experience that completely prepares them to be a primary

      counselor. Addiction interns get exposure to all of the 12 Core Functions by working closely with a

      licensed Primary Counselor as well as receiving individual supervision with the Intern Supervisor.

    • In addition, interns will learn to navigate various funding systems including insurance companies and

      counties, as well as understanding and utilizing resources available to our clients.

    • Interns will also collaborate with probation officers, social workers, and therapists facilitating clients’

      treatment plans. As interns’ skills develop, they will be given a small caseload of clients to manage

      from the beginning of treatment to graduation. This allows interns the valuable opportunity to practice

      the skills they have learned while receiving necessary clinical and emotional support that prepares

      them for a successful career as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

    • While we do not guarantee employment at the completion of internship, we do often hire former

      interns. Over 50% of our addiction counselors completed their internships at

      Park Avenue Center.


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