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The Self-pay Outpatient / Relapse and Self-pay Relapse Prevention Programs are gender specific and designed to be cost effective solutions for individuals needing drug and alcohol treatment but do not qualify for funding by third party payers. Designed to meet the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicle’s requirements, clients in the Self-Pay Outpatient Program will attend a minimum of 48 hours of treatment. Clients who can show that they have successfully completed primary treatment in the past qualify for the Self-pay Relapse Prevention Program which is a minimum of 24 hours of treatment. In order to successfully complete the Self-pay Outpatient Program and Self-pay Relapse Prevention Programs, clients must complete 12 additional weeks of Aftercare which is included in the initial programming costs.


Park Avenue Center                       2525 Park Ave                       Minneapolis, MN 55404                       (612)871-7443