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For students nearing completion of their educational requirements for their addiction program, Park Avenue Center offers a wonderfully broad experience in all 12 Core Functions. Interns will work with our Co-occurring Disorders Programs, Intensive Outpatient Programs that provide free offsite housing, Primary Outpatient Programs, Problem Solving Courts including Drug and DWI Court Programs, Substance Abuse Assessments, and our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program. Our diverse programs, culturally diverse clientele and staff, and overwhelming support provide a unique experience and an outstanding substance abuse internship.

Our goal is to offer interns a holistic experience that completely prepares them to be a primary counselor. Addiction interns get exposure to all of the 12 Core Functions by working closely with a licensed Primary Counselor as well as receiving individual supervision with the Intern Supervisor. In addition, interns will learn to navigate various funding systems including insurance companies and counties, as well as understanding and utilizing resources available to our clients. Interns will also collaborate with probation officers, social workers, and therapists facilitating clients’ treatment plans. As interns’ skills develop, they will be given a small group of clients from the beginning of treatment to graduation. This allows interns the valuable opportunity to practice the skills they have learned while receiving necessary clinical and emotional support that prepares them for a successful career as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Does it sound too good to be true? What if we told you that 50% of our Primary Addiction Counselors interned at Park Avenue Center?


Park Avenue Center                       2525 Park Ave                       Minneapolis, MN 55404                       (612)871-7443