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Under the supervision of Jeff Gottlieb, Ph.D, L.P. and Mark Miller, Psy.D, L.P., our Mental Health Team is an absolutely integral component of our Co-occurring Disorders Programs. Masterís level practicum students, advanced practicum students, and pre-doctorate interns will be exposed to an extremely wide array of clinical situations while having the support and guidance of experienced professionals. Some training sites struggle with cancellations and no-shows that lead to limited client contact hours. This is not the case at Park Avenue Center! Because most of the clients live in the free off-site housing provided, clients are available and typically eager to meet with you.

Our Mental Health Practicum and Pre-Doctoral Internships include mental health screenings, treatment planning, individual therapy, co-facilitating substance abuse groups with a licensed addiction counselor, leading psychoeducational groups, staffing of cases, and individual supervision. Park Avenue Centerís diverse clientele provide unique learning experiences while gaining insight into substance abuse treatment. As a fully integrated program, our Co-occurring Disorders Program has clients address their mental health and addiction issues simultaneously. In addition, interns may have the opportunity to experience our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program, Hennepin County Drug Court, DWI Court, and Mental Health Court. As a Mental Health Team member, your feedback and opinions are valued. We consider you an extremely important part of the treatment process.


Park Avenue Center                       2525 Park Ave                       Minneapolis, MN 55404                       (612)871-7443