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The Drug Court and DWI Court Programs are structurally individualized programs that offers free, supervised, off-site housing to clients in need and designed for clients participating in Hennepin County problem solving courts. Programming includes groups, lectures, and individual sessions. Treatment services include traditional programming plus emphases on changing criminal thinking. As client’s meet established criteria, their level of participation is decreased eventually attending treatment one day a week. If client’s struggle or display behaviors inconsistent with established criteria, their level of participation will then be increased.

Although structurally individualized, per Hennepin Counties requirements, the total length of participation in the primary portion is over six months. For the Drug Court Program and the DWI Court Program, clients will participate in Aftercare for an additional 6 months. Initially, clients will be expected to participate in Aftercare every other week for approximately the first 13 weeks. Clients may then transition to attending Aftercare groups once a month for the remaining 13 weeks. In addition to participating in Aftercare, clients are expected to continue attending multiple 12-step meetings weekly while maintaining contact with their sponsor. All Aftercare groups are not billable treatment hours.


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