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Park Avenue Centerís One Day DWI Program will provide structured, high quality, evidence-based chemical health educational Services for up to 100 adult (21 years and older) men and women charged with first time DWI offenses one Saturday per month to then be followed by a Victim Impact Panel to be performed by MADD. Using the curriculum provided in Driving with Care: Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Driving Safety Education Level I Education, participants will receive their own Participantís Workbook and engage in an interactive eight hour chemical health educational program designed to reduce recidivism by teaching enrollees to change their actions by changing how they think. Participants will gain knowledge and skills on how to change their thinking so their actions and behaviors can bring positive outcomes for themselves and for the community. DWI offenders will understand how their behaviors are learned and how those behaviors are strengthened as well as have an understanding of their involvement in impaired driving, how Minnesota DWI laws apply to their involvement, and they will learn skills to prevent recidivism.

Enrollees will come to understand how the patterns of alcohol and other drug use and misuse fit them and they will learn approaches and strategies that will help them to avoid future problems. They will develop understanding and skills to prevent recidivism by being aware of and managing the high-risk thinking and high-risk situations that lead to impaired driving. Participants will set their own recidivism prevention goals and then develop a plan to prevent future offenses. In essence, the program is designed to help DWI offenders create approaches and strategies for responsible living and change. The program is paid for by the offenders and is coordinated through Hennepin County probation.


Park Avenue Center                       2525 Park Ave                       Minneapolis, MN 55404                       (612)871-7443