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As outlined in SAMHSA’s Co-Occurring Center for Excellence (COCE) Overarching Principles to Address the Needs of Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders, our Co-occurring Disorder Program (CDP) is an integrated system of mental health and addiction services that emphasizes continuity and quality while considering both co-occurring disorders as primary. Our system of care is gender specific and not limited to a single “correct” model or approach.

In addition, our CDP will, as we have always done, collaborate with professionals in human services, housing, criminal justice, education, and related fields in order to meet the complex needs of our clients. Finally, empathy, respect, and belief in the individual’s capacity for recovery are fundamental attitudes. As outlined by TIP 42, Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders, our CDP will employ a recovery perspective, adopt a multiproblem viewpoint, utilize a phased approach to treatment, address specific real-life problems early in treatment, plan for client’s cognitive and functional impairments, and use support systems to maintain and extend treatment effectiveness. The CDP offers free, supervised, off-site housing to clients in need although participating in the housing program is not required. Programming includes fully integrated therapeutic groups that are typically co-facilitated by Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors and graduate students. Clients are assigned a mental health counselor who they meet with regularly.

In addition, psychoeducational groups are lead by Licensed Psychologists, mental health therapists, and licensed nurses. Clients also participate in therapeutic activities such as equine assisted psychotherapy, art therapy, role plays, and other proven techniques. Clients in our housing program also go to the YMCA weekly, attend 12-step meetings, and participate in various housing activities. Groups, lectures, and activities are available in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Typically, clients in our CDP that are residing in our off-site housing program live there for 4 to 8 weeks and are expected to participate in full programming. However, as client’s meet established criteria including securing stable supportive housing; their level of participation is decreased eventually attending treatment one day a week. If client’s struggle or display behaviors inconsistent with established criteria, their level of participation will then be increased. Adhering to research based best practices, client’s total length of participation, whenever funding allows, will be over 13 weeks to then be followed by 12 additional weeks of Aftercare which is not a billable service.


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