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Co-Occurring Disorders "Opioid Specific"

Heroin and opiate addiction has become an epidemic, accounting for 23.7 percent of treatment admissions in 2013 (first half), second only to alcohol. The Opioid Specific track at Park Avenue Center offers more sensitive and specialized programming in order to increase recovery rates for opioid users. Reducing the incidence of relapse, the rates of accidental overdose, and number of emergency department admissions are the goals of the Opioid Specific track.

It is the intention of Park Avenue Center to focus on what we know to be important to the opioid user's treatment. Opioid Specific programming includes individual counseling, psychoeducation, and process groups focusing on addiction and mental health. Community-based self-help groups (NA, SMART, etc.), mindfulness, relaxation, and exercise are also incorporated within the Opioid Specific program. We provide clients with support and education regarding medication-assisted therapy. Facilitators utilize their skills in cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive processing therapy, group therapy, family therapy, brief psychodynamic therapy, and motivational interviewing. Clients also receive HIV and hepatitis orientation. Within a safe and supportive environment, clients participate in psychoeducation groups surrounding the severe social, psychological, and physical consequences of their drug use. Traumatic life events, pain management, and preoccupations with feeling good also have a significant impact on the treatment of opioid addiction and are given appropriate attention.

Individualized treatment allows Park Avenue Center to better serve clients by assessing and providing services particular to their biological, psychological, and social needs. Free offsite housing is provided for portions of client's treatment when safe or alternative housing is not otherwise available. Providing housing ensures a safe environment for clients to focus on their treatment experience while living independently in the community with the support of Park Avenue Center staff. In addition, clients develop life skills such as grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning. We also provide support, oversight, and commitment to the aftercare process. Treatment includes providing clients with the resources and oversight specific to opioid addiction and is a priority in delivering successful outcomes. Case managers from Park Avenue Center assist clients in finding sober living and connecting with professionals and resources in the community.


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  • Co-occurring Disorders "Opioid Specific"

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