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Schizophrenia: a group of severe disorders characterized by disorganized and deslusional thinking, disturbed perceptions, and inappropriate emotions ad actions; Greek for "split mind".

Schizophrenia has been traced as far back as the second milennium BC. Ancient Egyptians saw mental illnesses as physical illnesses. These physical illnesses were described as anything to do with major organs, poison, or the work of demons. Temple Sleep Therapy was the first treatment used to cure the physically ill. It was used begininng in 2600 BC and through the reign of Imhotep into the 4th and 5th centuries BC.The physically ill were sent to sleep in holy temples while gestures were whispered to them. These gestures were thought to bring about dreams which high priests or priestesses would later interpret in order to determine further treatment. During the 19th century and American Egyptologist by the name of Edwin Smith discovered papyrus which an ancient egyptian surgeon had used to document his patients. The papyrus had been dated back to 1700 BC and held accounts of patients who had either fallen or were injured in battle and had fractured their temporal lobes. These were the first documentations of aphasia, thousands of years before Paul Broca's research. The term schizophrenia was coined in 1911 by Eugen Bleule. In 1908 Bleule made the arguement that the current term being used, dementia praecox, did not support a global dementing process. No matter how you say it, physical illness, dementia, or schizophrenia, the disease is much more accepted now than it ever has been, and medication is prescribed to help balance the dementia. However, there is still no cure for schizophrenia, and we still have yet to discover where it comes from.

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