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Neo's X-Com Colonisation Page

Last Update : 14/03/2004
An Adult Calcinite concept(42k)

My Colonisation Concept Sketches

An X-Com Craft Concept (8k)
A Snakeman-Chryssalid Hybrid concept(14k)
A Snakeman concept(63k)
An Adult Calcinite concept(42k)

My Colonisation 3D Concepts

3D Mars Battlescape Map(16k)
Assault Rifle(68k)
Enemy Fighter Prototype(34k)
Fighter Craft(63k)
Handgun Mk2 (60k)
HE Pack/Detpack(141k)
High Explosives Pack(52k)
Laser Handgun(84k)
Machine Pistol(61k)
Scout Ship(113k)
Submachine Gun(65k)
Submachine Gun with Ironsights(7k)
Submachine Gun with Mini-Scope Attachment(8k)

Other Stuff

Maya test video(spinning sun)(504k)
Animation test video(bouncing ball)(234k)
X-Com 1 models Page

Not much up at the moment, just some basic stuff, will probably go over and redo them properly when we start working on the proper artworks. More to come as soon as I get time and ideas to make some new ones...

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