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A Case History in Incest and Multiple Personality Disorder

From Back of Book:
"Dissociation- whether Multiple Personality or Dissociative Identity - is a phenomenon more frequent than diagnosed and more diagnosed than healed. Medication may mask its symptoms; it cannot cure.

Dissociation- when viewed as a gift of God's grace, a way of escape (I Cor. 10:13)- allows children to survive trauma which their immature minds are not equipped to internalize. Normal coping processes such as REM sleep, weeping, tantrums, play-acting, and verbalizing with a wise and empathetic family member are not always enough. When the child has no vocabulary to communicate, when the child fears blame or shame, when misunderstanding, reprisal, or further abuse follows, the memory may be repressed- forgotten- no longer available to the conscious mind.

What is more problematic, the forbidden rage, grief, or hate response goes underground in an attempt to protect the shattered soul against its dread of being damaged beyond all hope. It is as if these fragments take on lives- personalities, identities- of their own, and organize an independent, internal world apart from the real world. Here no growth is possible, only an endless replay of avoidance and fear, buried alive, distorting the value system, and exerting power to influence or destroy.

The good news of the love of God in Jesus Christ, ministered by His Spirit, offers
true Hope for healing to the fear-based, sin-shattered, loveless, barricaded soul."

This book is a TRUE, first person, first hand look at the case history of one woman with MPD/DID. Through her therapy sessions with Martha and the help of God, she is able to uncover the root of her dissociation- and find hope and healing in God's grace.

This is an excellent book for anyone struggling with DID/MPD, or someone who loves someone who is.

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