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by Jessica Tardy a.k.a. Oni Neko

All are either in .RTF or .DOC format, meaing you will have to download them to view them, (mainly.)
I don't want to have to deal with HTMl code to make them viewable for internet use because where I used to have them
( I had deleted the folder with ALL OF THEM IN THERE (and it was a spiffy web page too I'd say)
So while I go through my tantrum of my mistake, they will be here, both and made avalible for your viewing pleasure.
DO NOT steal these stories and use them for your own, the fact that you have this link should mean you either A) Know me some how or
b) Know someone who knows me, so the fact that you would take these and use them as your own is really sad, even if you did happen to cross this place my chance.
BE WARNED some stories contain inappropriate scenes for people under 18 or are offended by homosexual acts. Those that contain both of these elements will have a * by it, those that just contain homosexual material (implied or otherwise) will have a ~ by it. Everything else should be alright.

3 Of Us*

Lawrence and Alrox~

As the Petals Fall~



Se7en Chairs

Cinderella Re-Write

Malreve's Mansion

Road trip

N.R.M. (on geocities)

Let me know hat ya think :P

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