Aerielle is Andrew Young's most ambitious project, and the one closest to his heart. Andrew (The Judgement Circle, Georgia Corpse Scandal, Caitiff, Conveyor, Really Nasty Papercut, etc.), the vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drum programmer and creator of Aerielle, and Philip White, his lead guitarist, formed Aerielle in '04 as an effort to bring back the lost art of the guitar solo.
But Aerielle is far more then just guitar solos (although you won't want to miss those, either). Incredibly detailed concept albums are the trademark of this band, each one including a storyline as well as complex and intellectual lyrics, and each one incorporating a wide variety of musical styles- everything from thrash metal, NWOBHM, death metal and black metal, to power metal, grindcore and stoner rock. And of course prog. Progressive music is at the heart of everything Aerielle does.
In the space between '04 and '05 Aerielle created not one, not two, but three progressive metal albums, all three of them concept albums set in the same universe created by Aerielle mastermind Andrew Young, and each one very different from its predecessor.
Whether or not you have the benefit of the storylines to each album, you cannot help but notice that what you are hearing when you listen to Aerielle goes way beyond the perceived limits of most metal bands.
Right now, the fourth Aerielle album- Omnimetal- is in production, and it is going to be even more adventurous, brilliant and mesmerizing than the previous works.
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