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Top 10 Nas Songs Of All Time

Aight, maybe not of all time, and he has so many songs you cant even make a damn list. I was able to compress 9 albums into 10 really good songs... damn this wasnt easy at all. #10)Halftime - Illmatic - Number 10 on your list is halftime. This is hands down Nas' most energetic song from start to finish. He kicks the braggacidio raps that leave your jaw dropped. "You couldnt catch me in the streets without a ton of reefer thats like malcolm x catchin the jungle fever"

#9)Streets Disciple - Streets Disciple - I try to include at least one song from every album, although one album of course isn't included (I'll let you guess). Streets Disciple kind of lived up to the hype, I wouldn't say all the way but it could be the second greatest double disc CD of all time. Thats great to say considering this album hasn't even been alive for a year, it could have been better, some songs were fillers but it was still above average. Nas proving "you couldn't come close on my worst day" with this album. Aight, now...this is one of the best lyrically put songs on this album, the beat is right too and a subliminal diss to Cam'Ron keeps you listening to this song all day "crack baby turnin young thug description might fit you look around it might hit you no joke i wanna pistol fight witchu shit comes around faster than you think blood and white chalk make pink so whats that make you" ROFLMAO.

#8)Purple - The Lost Tapes - What album was this song supposed to be on? And why did it not make it there? This song is an instant classic from the moment you first listen to it, absolutely flawless, no need for explaining just read the damn lyrics. The second verse of this song has to be put in the top 10 verses of all time by any rapper.

#7)One Love - Illmatic - People say who's the better storyteller Nas or Slick Rick? anybody with a brain would say slick rick, but if you had to judge between just two songs, one love and children's story, what would you take? With that said for the next 5 minutes Nas is the best storyteller ever. This song is packed with subliminal disses to cormega, they were even cool at the time!!! lol this is hands down one of the finest stories told on a track. This song would be higher on the list, but once again Nas has so many classics its hard to decide which goes where "wildin on an island but now with elmyra better chill cause them niggas will put that ass on fire"

#6)N.Y State Of Mind Part 1 - Illmatic - Instant classic, no need for explanations, every hip hop fan in America has heard this song, I hope. Go back to your jessica simpson albums if you haven't.

#5)Nas Is Like - I Am - N-n-n-n-n-n-n-nas is like! The first line of this song put it down into greatness. When you hear this song on the I Am album you think "NASTY NAS IS BACK!" unfortunately 60% of this album was disappointing. Of course this song saved it though, this song takes you back to the 1994 days where Nas was spittin that real shit, and lets not forget ... another beat by primo gets the job done. "Freedom or jail clips inserted a baby's being born same time a man is murdered the beginning and end as far as rap go its only natural i explain my plateu and also what defines my name"

#4)I Gave You Power - It Was Written - ...aight, its official, Nas can do ANYTHING!!!!, not only is this song a story ... its a fucking metaphor!!!! The whole song he spits from the perspective of a handgun, not himself... a handgun. Nas is the gun and he's talking about the life a gun goes through. I heard songs where other rappers narrorate through other people... but a gun? come on, thats talent right there. another great beat by primo. "beat up and battered they pull me out I watched these niggas scatter makin me kill but what I feel it never mattered"

#3)Life's A Bitch - Illmatic - Life's a bitch and then ya die! AZ! no not jay-z bitch AZ. One of the most lyrically gifted rappers ever, if you never heard of AZ, quick run to best buy or fye and purchase "Doe Or Die" AZ blesses us and teaches us about flow with one of the greatest verses ever."visualizin the realism of life and actuality fuck who's the baddest a person's status depends on salary" Of course Nas follows up with another great verse probably more lyrical than AZ's but AZ just blew us away with this won so of course he outshined him. "i switched my motta instead of sayin fuck tomorrow that buck that bought a bottle coulda struck the lotto"

#2)One Mic - Stillmatic - Many consider this song to be the resurrection of Nas, you know after the horrendus Nastradamus album, the lyrical slaughtering of rapper Jay-Z, Nas is back right? ... Wrong ... Nas never left, in fact he had this in him all along, with a song like this ... even jay-z fans I know like this song. Whats there not the like? the calm/energetic switched flow makes this song all much enjoyable to listen to. "they dont understand dont wanna see me on top too egotistical talkin all that slick shit the same way these bitches do"

#1)Memory Lane - .........Nuff said.

I know all you die hard Nas fans are ready to email me threatnening to kill me and shit, but relax man. I did my best with this top 10, you got any questions or concerns you know where to find me. Songs that almost made it on the list: Shootouts, 2nd Childhood, The World Is Yours, N.Y State Of Mind Part 2, Doo Rags.