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The Development of Gender Roles in Children Gender roles play a large part in today's society. They are present all throughout life, from infancy to adulthood. Many studies show that an awareness in gender is typically present at about 2 to 3 years of age. All throughout childhood, gender roles are being developed. From elementary school all the way up to high school, gender is shaped and molded. ******************************************************************************************************************************* Here are the websites that I found about Gender role development. There is a review for each website below.
  • Sex Roles: A Journal of Research ...
  • Developmental Psychology - GENDER DEVELOPMENT
  • Influences on Children's Gender Development
  • Gender and Development: The Role of the State
  • The Media and Communications Studies Site
  • Women. Men. Different. Equal. Equal Opportunities Commision

The Development of Gender Roles in Children

Websites Reviewed

Sex Roles: A Journal of Research: Gender Role Development in Japanese Culture: Diminishing Gender Role Differences in a Contemporary Society.

This web site is great for research and education. Developmental psychologists and college students are going to be the ones reading from this journal. It gives a lot of good, well-cited information regarding gender development specifically in Japan. This site is very thorough, giving a lot of detailed information. This would not be a good site if you are looking for quick and easy references. This isn't one of those pretty websites with lots of animation. Its simple design suits it well though, and it gets the information across that it needs to. It is organized neatly and clearly. VISIT ME!!!

Developmental Psychology - GENDER DEVELOPMENT

This website does not give the information directly. It gives a bunch of links that will take you to the areas that you wish to read more about. It is part of the Psi Cafe which is a psychology resource center. It has a lot of information that would appear to be handy to someone in the general public or to a student. It is a credible website. The links take you to a variety of different places; many of them college and university websites. It is setup nicely with some cool pictures and graphics next to the links. I like this website because it lets you choose what you want to see rather than throwing it all at you in format similar to the previous page. VISIT ME!!!

Influences on Children's Gender Development

"Best Concerned Individual" This is a good site that gives many different types of gender influences that children may come in contact with. The descriptions that are given are brief and consist mainly of examples. This a good page for someone just wanting guidance with their children. It seems to be written as a type of guide. This is a part of the Purdue University website; I think it is intended for parental use, but it should be good for anyone. The layout is simple and easily understood. The information is clear. Most of the technical terms that people with more knowledge of the subject would understand have been left out which doesn't hurt the page at all. This site wins my award as "Best Concerned Individual" source. VISIT ME!!

Gender and Development: The Role of the State

This is part of The World Bank Group website. It consists of a speech that was written by Joseph Stilglitz, the Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at World Bank. This is not a very good website to use in a Psychology paper. Mr. Stilglitz's speech is concentrated on the economic values of gender, not gender development. He talks about "Gender and the Household," "Gender and Society," and "Gender and the Economy." This website maybe interesting and useful for someone majoring in business, but not psychology. It is setup nicely, but I guess if I had millions of dollars to create a website, I would set it up nicely too. Not a good website to use for Developmental Psychology. VISIT ME!!

The Media and Communications Studies Site

This is a great website from MCS or The Media and Communications Studies. It consists of many different links to studies and articles about how television and Gender Development are related. The information on this site would be great for college students or psychologists. It doesn't just include information on children but is more general. This site is setup great with many links to other related topics and readings. MCS has a main site in which users gain access to many different studies containing media. The content on this site is large and makes a good resource for term papers. VISIT ME!!!

Women. Men. Different. Equal. Equal Opportunities Commision

"Best Academic Source" This site was created by the EOC or Equal Opportunities Commission. It is a fantastic site to get information about the subject of Gender Role Development in Children. It covers nearly all of the information a person would need to write a paper. There are statistics included along with information on theories. This site is in PDF format and can be used by Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is easy on the eyes, not like some sites that just throw out information. It makes the subject understandable as well. The EOC is based in Europe, but the information in the site should be easily usable by someone here in the states. I give this site the award of "Best Academic Source"! VISIT ME!!!

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