Nicholson Baker

While working on my Nicholson Baker page for The Modern Word's Scriptorium (work is still undergoing), I compiled a couple hundred quotes from his various books. Baker is a master of making insightful observations of the most ordinary things and creating quirky characters. You shall see.

Room Temperature (1990)

What should you do in those solitary moments while your baby is napping? If you're the protagonist of this novel, you take far-reaching mental rambles, touching upon the evolution of the peanut butter jar, airplane air nozzles, and the meaning of love, and that's just for starters...

Vox (1992)

An intelligent phone sex conversation. Enough said.

The Fermata (1994)

A "morally confused" and highly sexual book about Arno Strine, a professional temp typist who stops time to take off women's clothes. He is writing his memoir to share with others his "adventures" in that place he calls the Fold, the Fermata, the Cleft, the Drop...

A Box of Matches (2003)

Come and join Emmett, a 44-year-old editor of medical textbooks, each morning by his fireside as he sits and tries to figure out what life is all about.

Checkpoint (2004)

From the inside cover of the Alfred A. Knopf publication: Meet Jay. Meet Ben. Jay has summoned his old friend Ben to a hotel room in the nation's capital. During the course of an afternoon, they will share a delicious lunch and will crack open a bottle of wine from the hotel minibar. They will chat about everything from Ben's new camera to Iraq to the unfortunate fate of a particular free range chicken. And Jay will explain to Ben exactly why and how he is planning to commit a murder that will change the course of history.