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I am like Lain in that I am quiet and different from my peers. I wasn't very much into computers because my family never had enough money or concern to buy one. The ones I have had were old 80s and early 90s ones that either didn't have the Wired or had a less-than-56k modem -- which we got for free from friends. I recently got a new computer because I broke my old laptop. I would say that I'm an intermediate user; I'm good at computers and spend a lot of time on the Wired (though I don't particularly like technology).

I question my existence and the existence of others. If anything, I believe that I am the only real being here, and the rest of you are just part of the illusion. . . . As far as I'm concerned (or at least for this website), I'm God.

On the other hand, I have a split self (not a disorder or anything) where I'm practically a completely different person online. People who know me IRL (in real life) wouldn't guess in a million years that I am who I am online. And vice versa.

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