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Sakusha's Serial Experiment: Lain

Hi, I'm Sakusha, The Creator. "Serial Experiments: Lain" is one of my favorite anime shows. It isn't for everyone; it doesn't have action or comedy or romance. But it is full of symbolism and depth that really makes you think. And I love to think, so I love this show. Plus, the main character, Lain, is a lot like me. ^_^ .\/,,

If you like Neon Genesis Evangelion, you will probably like Lain. Most people say that NGE is better than Lain, but I think Lain is a whole lot better; Lain shows the world as a whole, whereas NGE focusses more on the individual characters.

Layer 01: Weird
Layer 02: Girls
Layer 03: Psyche
Layer 04: Religion
Layer 05: Distortion
Layer 06: Kids
Layer 07: Society
Layer 08: Rumors
Layer 09: Protocol
Layer 10: Love
Layer 11: Infonography
Layer 12: Landscape
Layer 13: Ego
The Nightmare of Fabrication
Close the world
Open the nExt
The Creator