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Nothing But Me


Hello and welcome to my site. Many of you here now know me and if you don't then i say that this is a good way to get to know me. Well, not the best way cause there is more to a man like me than a simple website, but you get the picture. For those of you that do know me, its great that your here to share the experience of some reality and humor, cause i am funny, as you all know. The reality of this site is simply, me. I share with you some of the things in my life, poetry, interests, music, thoughts and opinions and maybe even more than that. This is obviously the first update cause this is a little different. I have been away at Basic Training for the US Army and on my break, yes we take breaks from eliminating the enemies of the United States of America! So in short this is my update, 8 weeks after this all began. Sadly i am leaving to go back and i won't be back until sometime in May, so i will miss my friends and relatives, my aquantinces and anyone elese who will miss me, i truely will miss u and for a select few or...actually... one if you will, i will miss you especially, you do have my love and you can count on the fact i will be back again.

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