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A Site By John VanWagner.

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Hi and welcome to my site. My name is John VanWagner and I am an HTML and JavaScript developer. I learned my trade, not through plagiarizing and calling other programmers' work my own, but by carefully studying the work of others, and then trying to do the same thing my way. I think JavaScript and HTML coincide very well together, and they are both great languages to learn, so I put this site together to help novice developers find the resources they need to learn. Any questions, comments, critiques, or ideas about the site would be greatly appreciated, and will always find me at My Email Address, or at My Webmaster Address Samples of my work can be viewed at JavaDynamics, and at Rons Custom You can find resources for HTML, Java, and JavaScript, along with Sun Microsystems' new browser, HotJava, at Sun I think everyone who does web programming should have a browser. I don't care who says what, Microsoft Internet Explorer is the best browser ot there right now. You can get it at Some other choices are Netscape and Opera. For resources related to HTML, XML, WML, Java, or JavaScript, plus a ton of other languages, and specifications, try the World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C.

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Most people consdider these applications toys for geeks, but I think a good remote administration program is always neat, if you use it responsibly. I found I nice one, for free at Remote Think VNC, but with lots of budget cuts. Cheap or not though, it still serves the purpose.

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