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index of ideahhs/deep insights by and about John Trudell

"When I started out to write, I did not want to explode. Writing lines, poems, songs--that became my explosion."

note: this site is put up in the spirit of *resistance consciousness* which John Trudell has talked so inspiringly about in his "We Are Power" speech, linked below. In light of no other site going to the task of creating a large index of his ideas and links to his ideas, or until such a time, it is my hope that John will see the value of supporting this section of my independent-oriented site.

All those familiar with Trudell's ideas are encouraged to discuss his ideas towards a mutually beneficial continuing excellence.

Excellent general 'First Nations' site gives an indepth background of John, here, and as well, see John's own main site which is oriented mostly to promoting his music but also includes interviews made by commercial interests (which usually means they're heavily watered-down or very short, unlike the interviews i've put here). While this is surely valuable to many, I think John is missing something by not having even portions of the articles I've typed up and put below.

Excerpts from book Stickman, interviews with John by Paola Igliori

"WE ARE POWER", from a 1980 speech, with short intro; originally found in Roger Moody's The Indigenous Voice (UK)

a small portion of John's excellent spoken words

a NEW page for a Georgia IMC interview of John

Hear John speak in a previously taped interview by about his opinions on activism in the 1970s and today, as published by a national American Indian radio station. (skip first two parts on your Real Player, and miss station ads)

some ouTside liNks (that have a chance of remaining online for a long time):

Trudell speaking on the Judi Bari case:


quoting from this source:

"The strength of the poetry as we enter into whatever it is we are entering into, will be determined by the clarity of the thinking we put into it."

Trudell outlines how rapacious literal mining of Native lands in the Americas for uranium and other valued minerals has set a tone of corporate exploitation which now threatens an intense figurative "mining" of the minds and imaginations, the very souls, of all humanity. As defense against this fierce onslaught, Trudell counsels "clear thinking, not reactive thinking.

"The poison and pollution in our environment affects how clearly we see things. We need to use our intelligence and organize our consciousness and our perceptions of reality. This is hard work, but it must be done. We are in an evolutionary reality. We are never given something we can't handle. It's about activating the thinking process, about the real value of our ability to think. I say don't believe anything the corporations hand us, whether it is TV, ads or the news as they tell us it is. I am a human, a member of a tribe, not a subject for corporate mining and exploitation. I don't trust their corporate "democracy". We humans must think for ourselves. That's what we need to give to the next generation."

    a little about this website:

    This a non-profit, independent website dedicated to assisting in two vital areas: One, to those i see as already contributing to thinking deeply about life and all the constructs which pass for what has been called "consensus reality" or so-called "human nature". And two, towards amassing vital radical and independent information to the public at large. The kind of information which our "information society" is working on making available only for a price. The kind of info that is being systematically divided from us as we traditionally had it. See an example: A FLYER i've been passing out across the country!

    Note, i am first and foremost tending towards hosting ideas tending towards a methodology (a non-rigid way of organizing experience and insights) rather than ideological ways of doing things (usually rigid, non-first person-based beliefs and dogmas, tending towards perpetual dichotomies or Us vs. Them-Isms). i invite all persons who feel suppressed and marginalized elsewhere to informally join with my vision in a spirit of resistance consciousness for an excellently beautiful future for/with humanity. Note: my vision encompasses many ideals, yet at base, is inclined most towards the idea of going post-left.

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