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please help me

Hey everybody, My names Kyla and im a student at Sheffield University... And need to go to Africa as part of my humanitarian research project. But the university doesn't feel at actual trip to Africa is necessary for the project. So wont give me money to fund the trip. So me and 6 other students are trying to raise money so we can get there. Claire my friend is busking on the streets in Sheffield. Emily is doing a sponsored run along with me and my friends Vicky and Kelly. So let me get to my point, my friends tell me i have a nice body so im going to try an get money this way. So for every large donation i receive. I will send you a picture of me in a verity of poses. This is not something i would normally do but i feel for the African people. And we desperately need the money for the trip. please!! please! please!!! please!!! send money!! please! please!! please!! please! please!!! PLEASE!!!!!!