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          This tombstone for Cordell "Dale” Webster, Senior, (April 7th, 1943-October 19th, 1997) has a simple floral print on the front, but on the backside, there is something a bit unusual.  A carefully rendered tree and chainsaw are etched into the back of this marker.  Maybe in life, Mr., Webster was a lumberjack. This site is well cared-for and several bouquets of flowers have been carefully arranged around this site's perimeter. 


          Here is another example of a tombstone that is decorated both front and back on the headstone of Mr. Terry Dean DeViebiss, Junior (October 9th, 1964-January 21st, 1989).  The front shows a pair of hands clasped in prayer and a garland of flowers, all very common symbols on graves.  The back, while still adorned with traditional religious symbols, is very contemporary.  Someone has recently placed a bundle of pink and white silk flowers in the pot mounted on the left of this monument.  The caption on this grave reads: "for God has not given us a spirit of timidity but of power and love of discipline."

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