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          Though there are several family groupings throughout Haynie Chapel cemetery, I chose three that I though were the most representative of the area.
         This area for the Horn/Whited family has three graves, one marked "Daddy," the next marked "Mama" and the grave off to the side closest to the camera is marked as "Baby."  These sites are among the newer in this graveyard, the latest person being buried in 1999.  As seems to be common with other groupings in Haynie Chapel cemetery, a bench has been placed by the foot of this area for family members and other visitors to sit on.  A wooden post complete with a hook for hanging flower baskets separates the child from the adults and each of the graves is covered in various ceramic figurines, silk flowers, and other tokens left by previous visitors to this site.  A large tree in the background provides shelter and shade to the area. 
       The infant in this grave, Douglas Earl Horn (March 27th, 1996) died the same day that he was born.  I'm not sure of his relation to the adults in the graves next to his, but I think that they may be his grandparents.  Someone has carefully arranged several small cars, a baby rattle, and several other little toys in various spots around this grave.  Brightly-colored flowers and ceramic figurines of angels and baby animals are also present across all three graves.  Flowers and a pair of baby booties are etched into the tombstone; one of the booties has fallen and rests upon one side as if to symbolize the child who is buried here, a child who has also come to rest.  The small plaque at the foot of his grave reads "baby."   Like the two other graves in this group, Douglas's grave is covered with sand and clumps of flowers have been placed all up and down its length.  The metal plate at the bottom near the plaque comes from the Wilke-Amey-Clay funeral home.  Similar metal plates can be seen on several other graves throughout this cemetery as well. 
       This pair of graves belongs to Harry Earl Whited (April 29th, 1937-April 10th, 1995) and his wife, Libby Faye (July 8th, 1940-November 5th, 1999).  Mr. Whited died a year before the infant in the grave next to his was born, but Mrs. Whited probably knew baby Douglas and she may have even been the one who placed some of the toys and flowers upon his little grave.  Like Douglas Horn's grave, this site has been carefully arranged with little groupings of flowers and ceramic figurines.  In addition to religious icons, such as the angels, one of the figurines is a small white bird (a dove perhaps?) that has been perched atop the tombstone.  Among the most poignant of the personal touches to the Horn-Whited site are the two small stone plaques at the foot of each of the graves reading "Daddy" and "Mama."
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